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TOUGHCable PRO Specifications

Ethernet Support: Up to 1Gbps
Conductor Wire Gauge: 24 AWG
Conductor: Solid Bare Copper
Conductor Diameter: 0.500 0.005 mm
Insulation Type: Solid PE
Insulation Thickness AVG: 0.26 mm, MIN: 0.25 mm
Insulation Diameter: 1.04 0.03 mm
Separation (Polyester Wrapping) Thick: 0.025 mm, Extent: 20 mm
Cable Shield (Aluminum Foil) Thick: 0.060 mm, Extent: 18 mm
ESD Drain Wire 0.4 CCS
Rip Cord: Yes
Jacket Material: PE
Jacket Thickness AVG: 0.50 mm, MIN: 0.46 mm
Jacket Outer Diameter: 6.0 0.30 mm
Jacket Color: Gray
Reference Standard: ISO/IEC 11801, TIA/EIA568B.2

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