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Point To Point Lightning Protection Unit (LPU)

Point To Point Lightning Protection Unit (LPU)

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Designed For PTP 650 Series

The Cambium Networks PTP 650 Wireless Broadband solutions are ruggedized to operate in the toughest environments. Lightning strikes are the most typical cause of system outages or failures of mast-mounted equipment, especially when mounted as high as 300m. Therefore, lightning protection is critical to minimize the potential for damage. Cambium Networks strongly recommends that all PTP 650 installations should be deployed with the PTP-LPU. Network operators should always follow best-practices for grounding and lightning protection. Doing so will minimize network outages and reduce the associated costs of tower climbs and equipment repair/replacement.


The PTP Lightning Protection Unit offers two protection methods:

  • line-to-line
  • line-to-ground

This ensures that a surge in current induced onto the PTP 650 cabling is diverted away from the ODU. When installed correctly with the recommended grounding practices (i.e. using solid shielded CAT5e cable), the PTP-LPU quickly shunts the excess current to ground (typically within five nanoseconds). By grounding the power surges before they can harm the units, the Cambium Networks PTP-LPU provides radios the best protection from the harmful effects of lightning. The PTP-LPU’s connections and enclosure are designed for IP 66/67 water and dust protection so they can be installed in the most difficult terrain and environmental conditions.


Easily mounted on a wall or tower with a PTP radio, the PTP-LPU includes a minimum number of components. The PTP-LPU is small, lightweight, making it extremely easy to transport even up to the highest towers. Each PTP 650 radio requires two PTP-LPU devices (both included in the single kit part number) – one installed on a tower or a mast adjacent to the radio and another installed at the cable entrance point leading to the building entry point of the network.

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