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EPMP Sector Antenna

EPMP Sector Antenna

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epmp-sector / 20

Code: epmp-sector
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A wireless broadband communicationsystem has many components; each one contributes to the overall performance and ultimately affects operatorrevenues.

One of the principal considerations in a communications system is antennas. Their impact is enormous - using the wrong antenna will degrade the overall performance of an otherwise well engineered system, resulting in customer dissatisfaction.

At Cambium Networks, our antennas are engineered to address most typical network and terrain challenges and are built to the highest level of quality and reliability. The 5 GHz ePMP 1000 90 and 120 degree sector antennas are connectorized and specifically designed for use with the ePMP platform. These antennas provide high front-to-back ratio required for optimized performance with maximized frequency reuse.

As a result, connectivity is delivered to a larger subscriber base with less channels and equipment, ultimately improving revenue.

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